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Energy Coast UTC Raises Awareness of Child Abuse

On Friday 14th June, students and staff at the Energy Coast UTC wore purple clothing in order to support the #PurpleSummer campaign to raise worldwide awareness of all forms of child abuse. This is part of a larger campaign by the school to help teach people about child abuse and how to spot and alert others of child abuse in our community.

Students and staff donated £1 each on the day, and with additional donations, the school managed to raise nearly £50 which will go directly to the NSPCC to support their work protecting children and giving every child a real childhood.

“The Energy Coast UTC is supporting #PurpleSummer to help encourage people to speak out against Child Abuse in all of its many forms.

Here at Energy Coast UTC, we believe that every students is worth fighting for. Raising awareness of child abuse is just one of the many ways that we work to support students throughout their time at our school.”

Mr Ben Stevenson, Vice-Principal of Energy Coast UTC and Organiser of our #PurpleSummer Campaign.


Students and staff at the UTC took the opportunity to wear some exciting purple outfits, ranging from ties and shirts to football shirts and jackets.


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