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Energy Coast UTC students are upcycling their business with Young Enterprise


Every year, students from the Energy Coast UTC take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme, where they set-up and run a student company with the support of their teachers and local entrepreneurs.

Young Enterprise is a country wide programme which works with over 24,000 students annually to provide practical ways for young people to get a taste of the world of work and the excitement of running a business.

During the Company Programme students make all the decisions about their enterprise, from deciding on the name and product to creating a business plan, managing the student company finances and selling to the public at trade fairs.

This year a group of our students have been working on recycled decorations and ornaments, and have hand crafted several Valentine’s Day products. All the products have been made and designed by the students using the resources available to them at the Energy Coast UTC.


Joshua Jones – Lead Manufacturer for Uptech, uses a laser cutter on the recycled wood to create the valentines decorations for sale.


The students are led by Mr Robert Phizacklea, who works with our employer partners to help inspire these students into potentially running their own business one day. The students on this course have already had several talks and workshops with local entrepreneurs and learnt a great deal about the business world.

“I’m really impressed with the way this year’s Young Enterprise team have had a dynamic approach to the way they evolve their product range, whilst maintaining the core value of being hand-made and recycled products. This is reflected by their latest Valentine’s product range that has built on the feedback and success of their Christmas decorations made from waste timber products.”

Robert Phizacklea, Head of Year 10 – Energy Coast UTC

Our students will be selling their valentines pieces at the Energy Coast Parents Evening on the 13th of February as well as online via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


1 2 3

 Mr & Mrs signs

£1, £2, 50p or 25p each

 Valentine's Day heart

20p each

 Mr & Mrs Hearts

50p each



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