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NetAware App

Our latest endeavour into protecting children online is through the new Net Aware App. The Energy Coast UTC is now working with the NSPCC and O2 who have put together this app to help parents and children alike to understand the dangers of sites that you or your child might use on the web.

NetAware is a simple guide for parents to the most popular social networks, apps and games. With it you can learn about the privacy settings and safety guidelines for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. You can also read up-to-date reviews from parents and children for each app, game and social network.

Their straightforward, no-nonsense advice helps untangle the web, and show you how you can be just as great a parent online, as you are the rest of the time.

Key features:
• Minimum age rating for each social network, app and game
• Parent and child views on how easy it is to sign up, report abuse and adjust privacy settings
• What people are saying about the top 50 most popular social networks, apps and games
• Find out how likely your child is to come across inappropriate content 

If you have any questions about this app or keeping a child safe online, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For direct information about your child's online safety contact Energy Coast UTC's safeguarding team on 01900 606 446.

We have encouraged all of our students to download this app and would recommend that parents do as well. It is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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