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Wordsworth Trust Visit

Earlier this week, our Year 11 students were lucky enough to recieve a visit from the Wordsworth Trust.

They worked with Catherine and Hannah from The Wordsworth Trust to learn some more about ‘The Romantics’. These poets include William Blake, Percy Shelley, John Keats and most relevantly for the year 11s, William Wordsworth. 

They also focused on Wordsworth’s ‘The Prelude’ which is a part of the GCSE English Literature specification for the poetry session.

Wordswroth Trust Tutor Teaching Class

"I found the session with The Wordsworth Trust really useful. It helped me to revise the key themes for the exam and I got to learn some more about the context and Wordsworth’s life which will help me interpret the poem on another level."

- Year 11 Student

  Miss Wilson would like to thank the Wordsworth Trust for coming in. The students had a fantastic time and were able to learn an abundance of fascinating contextual facts that will be very useful in their exams! 


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