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Year 11 in 'Maryport Matters'

Two of our Year 11 students were very kindly invited to the Theatre by the Lake to participate in a journalism task set by 'Maryport Matters' magazine.


Shannon and Gemma travelled to Keswick to watch the fantastic production of 'After the Dance' in their 'Press Night', and then completed the following review which can also be seen in the June edition of the 'Maryport Matters' magazine.

The girls have since been invited to work in collaboration with the theatre and magazine again following their first-class review. We at Energy Coast UTC look forward to working to both Maryport Matters and Theatre by the Lake in the near future, and thank them for providing our students with such a fantastic opportunity!   

Theatre by the Lake- 'After the Dance' Review

‘After the Dance’ is a spectacular play charting a troubled and misunderstood 1920s upper-class romance. Following the tale of a wealthy couple and their friends, the audience- like the characters- are submerged within scenes of frivolous, superficial, alcohol-infused parties; although there is a twist in this seemingly clichéd, humorous, romance!

The performance was utterly breath-taking. All actors performed magnificently- captivating the audience from the opening scene. Charlotte Hamblin, who played Lady Anna in the awarding winning ‘Downton Abbey’, lived up to expectation with a first-class performance. The costumes and set marvellously replicated the era.

‘Theatre by the Lake’ provided an exceptional experience and tickets were excellent value for money. A 4-star performance with brilliant twists and sorrowful moments, playing puppeteer with the audiences’ emotions, making it a performance to remember. We would strongly recommend this production to anyone who has an interest in the glamorous 1920s lifestyle, or those interested in dreamers.

By Shannon and Gemma 

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