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Guided Exam Day Year 11 English Language.

On Friday 3rd February, Year 11 students at the Energy Coast UTC engaged with a ‘Guided Mock Examination’ for English Language. Students were taken off timetable for periods 1-3 and placed into the capable hands of the English Department who guided our students through precisely how to approach and respond to each of the questions they will face in their GCSE examinations.


Analysing an extract from ‘127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ by Aron Ralston, and an extract from ‘Return of Shakleton from Weddell Sea’ by the American Geographical Society, students explored the exam skills required and further the timing for each question in preparation for their GCSE studies.



Students found the experience most beneficial with Jodie Dougherty (Year 11 KAW) commenting that “Before the guided examination day I struggled with timing and often spent more time than I needed to on the smaller mark questions. After the revision day I feel much more confident with how much time to spend on each question and also exactly what I need to do with each question. I feel like I have made lots of progress as a result of the day.”

Similarly, Rebecca Torney (11KAW) said: “As a result of the guided exam day I can now see the skills I need to demonstrate for each question, without wasting time on things that I will not be awarded marks for. I can take what I learned in the guided exam day and apply this in our mock exams next week to see how much progress I have made. I definitely feel that I the day was really helpful and has helped me focus my revision more.”

Finally, Harvey Johnston (11TPR) found that “the day was really useful because it taught me how to write about language and structure. This was an area that I knew I needed to improve on and I feel that I am more confident with how to respond now because of the day.”

Students have requested further sessions on the other elements of the English Language and English Literature examinations: watch this space!

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