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Wordsworth Trust Workshop

On Thursday 19th January, Energy Coast UTC welcomed the current poet in residence- Holly Corfield Carr- from the Wordsworth Trust into some of our Year 11 lessons.



Students were initially introduced to Wordsworth's idea of the imagination as a 'bright cavern'; following on from group discussions the students set up a space of the 'cave' as a depository for sound, image and meaning- much like a poem. Students were able to discuss and share their ideas about visual phenomenon, before turning to explore poetry through 'pareidolia' (where the brain perceives an image or pattern on the wall of a cave where there is none!) Students found their very own 'poem in the dark', using Wordsworth's 'A Night Piece' as inspiration; using pens to erase parts of the poem to find a pattern of a poem where initially there was none.

Students then turned to explore the power of sound, listening to field recording made in the local area as a sound track, with students writing in a continuous, 'automatic'-style, paying close attention to the familiar soundscapes of their home. At the same time, six pairs of ear protecting headsets were circulated around the room and given to different students- they continued to write blocking out the soundscapes and focussing more upon the internal sounds closer to their own body.


Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to approach creative writing from such a different perspective. We would like to thank the Wordsworth Trust for such a fantastic opportunity and supporting our students to create their own 'bright caverns' like Wordsworth!


We look forward to sharing some of our creative pieces with you soon from our budding Wordsworth enthusiasts.

Watch this space...

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