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Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge

On Thursday 23rd June Energy Coast UTC were proud to host a Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge. Bloodhound are a British based team of engineers who aim to be the fist team to get a car to travel over 1000mph. Bloodhound have set up a rocket car programme for schools to get pupils enthused in engineering and inspire them to be our future generation of
designers and innovators.

Bloodhound 2

Awards for the Bloodhound race day:

Fastest overall car on the day: UTC team of Nereis Cherry, Jodie Kennedy and Shona Dixon with a speed of 45.47mph

Second fastest car: Cockermouth School, team H.E.L with a top speed of 39.66mph

School with the average top speed of 4 cars was Nelson Thomlinson School with an average speed of 36.78mph

Best presentation Nelson Thomlinson School: The Sonics

Best overall design: H.E.L from Cockermouth School

A huge thank you to all those who participated. We have many more events planned for the future and we can't wait to get started on the next one.


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