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Year 10 Work Experience

During assembly, the Year 10 students were briefed on expectations and information regarding their work placement week commencing 08/02/16.

All students with a place have received a letter explaining working times, dress code, etc including contact details.

We advise students and parents to read the following information carefully. This information will help students to get the most out of their work placement:

· Be prepared: Google the company you are placed with to find out who they are and what they do

· Try and car-share or travel with others on buses/trains

· Be proactive: All students who self-sourced their own work placement (not including Sellafield placements) are to contact that company to find out hours of work , dress code, etc

· Remember: if you are on a placement with Sellafield or Morgan Sindall – you must take your passport every day. If you do not have a passport, or it is out of date, you must get a passport
photograph taken for Mrs Pattinson to attach it to a letter of endorsement by Friday 5th February 2016 – this letter must be taken to Sellafield/Morgan Sindall each day. Failure to do this may result in you being unable to access the works site.

· If you are going to Gen2 – you are required to wear the UTC uniform and take full PPE as you will be going on site visits and working in the workshop area

· If you are unwell or cannot attend your work placement for some reason, you must inform the Company and the UTC.

· Any students who have not been placed, must still attend College as there will be alternative provision to coincide with work experience

· For those students who do not have a placement this time, and those going to GEN2, the buses will run as normal

· For those whose work placement does not start until the Tuesday, you are required to attend College on the Monday as normal

· A member of staff will visit your company to ensure all is going well. If there is an issue with your work placement before the staff visit, please contact The Energy Coast UTC as soon as possible.

· Record your experience each day in the Journal provided – this is to be returned to the College after half term for analysis and feedback – good and bad experiences are to be recorded

· Please take on board everything you experience and try and link it to your college work

· Enjoy each and every minute and remember you are representing the College, so good behaviour is essential; if your behaviour is not to the standards expected, the Company offering the placement will contact The Energy Coast UTC and you will be removed from your placement. This will go against you gaining future work placements

· Remember to keep yourself safe. Do not share Facebook details, mobile phone numbers or any other personal details with any site staff. This is to keep both yourself and the staff you are on work experience with safe.

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