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Stilecroft Residential Home visit the UTC

Chapman House have started the New Year with a visit from Stilecroft Residential Home. Five of the residents came for a tour of the UTC and ended the visit having homemade tea and cake with the students. This visit was organised to mark the beginning of Chapman House outreach plan for forthcoming years at the UTC. We plan to visit Stilecroft and other Care Homes in the local area to bridge the gap between generations and share our vision with the residents of West Cumbria.


Thank you to the following making our visitors feels so welcome;

Ben Maddison – yr 10
Ellis Armstrong - yr 12
Tyler Eccles - yr 12
Megan Kirkbride - yr 10
Shannon Nesbitt - yr 10
Thompson Reed - yr 10
Beth Bowness - yr 11
Kaitlin Palmer - yr 11
Kallum White - yr 10
Luke McCallig - yr 10
Autumn McCombe - yr 10
Rebecca Torney - yr 10
Kori Rewcastle - yr 12

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