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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Room and USB Sponsorship

We are delighted to have been granted two sponsorships packages from Nuvia.

A variant of learning practices take place in our Computer Aided Design (CAD) classroom, and due to the Nuvia sponsorship this room has now been re-named the Nuvia CAD room.


IMAGE, from left: John Ball, Northern Regional Director, Sophie Cullen, Ken Robertson, Executive Director, Sam Moore, Guy B Shackleton, Corporate Communications Manager

Nuvia has also very kindly allocated a USB memory stick to each of our 320 students currently on roll. As we use laptops and net books in most of our lessons, USBs are a vital piece of equipment for all our students, and one which can prove costly in such quantities.

The money generated from this sponsorship will enable us to maintain our Social Benefit Fund to assist families in need with the associated costs of attending the UTC.

This fund allows us to ensure that any student from within Allerdale or Copeland that wishes to join the UTC is not financially restricted from submitting an application. In real terms this will enable us to subsidise a proportion of the costs for those most in need.

The fund will also be used to purchase items to enhance the facilities available at the UTC and the curriculum in general.

UTC, Principal

"Our engagement with employers is one of the key differences in a UTC education. Nuvia's commitment to our students and the vision of the College is helping to make this difference. Not
only has Nuvia assisted by funding resources for the benefit of our students, but they have also given the time and expertise of their personnel to help develop our students' skill base. Nuvia's commitment to the College and all that it stands for is truly commendable and we are extremely grateful for their
support. "

Ken Robertson, Executive Director at Nuvia added...

"We are genuinely enthused by the educational concept of "UTCs" and so are delighted to support the Energy Coast UTC. We are a significant employer in the region, with local offices, and our future success will depend on the calibre of people we can recruit in time to come with appropriate STEM skills. We can see that the work of the Energy Coast UTC team will provide an exciting and stimulating environment that will equip its students not just with the competencies and experience needed for their careers, but also with important life skills. Our
commitment to the Energy Coast UTC is a reflection of our belief that it will instil the necessary abilities and personal attributes needed for future careers in our industry, and also that it offers wider reaching benefits to the local communities in which our business operates."

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