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If you have clicked on this section, you must be a teacher. Or you have clicked on the other 3 sections already and wanted to check there wasn’t a prize behind this door. Which there isn’t, by the way. Sorry.

Teachers are not trained careers professionals – those who deliver careers education for organisations such as Inspira are all trained to at least a level 6 qualification standard, so we shouldn’t be trying to emulate what they do. However, we should try to give good advice or at least point students and parents/carers in the right direction whenever we can. Therefore, I would suggest that you explore the links behind the other 3 boxes to get a flavour of what is out there for young people these days and never be afraid to admit that you don’t know yet but that you will find someone who does very soon.

When I find some cool and useful videos for this page, I will embed them. Until then, happy clicking!

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