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Iggesund Holmen Group

"Iggesund Paperboard is a business area within the Swedish forest product group, Holmen AB. Iggesund Paperboard operates the paperboard manufacturing mill in Workington, Cumbria.

The product family from Workington mill, Incada, is based around the on-site produced mechanical pulp. The fibre base of the product is 100% virgin fibre and the product family is supplied into the Graphics, Packaging and Tobacco end use areas.

In addition to the main pulp and board making operations, the company also operates the recently built biomass fuelled combined heat and power plant. This renewable energy makes the products essentially carbon neutral.

The Workington mill in the UK has been in operation for approximately 45 years and currently employs around 400 people directly and many more indirectly."

Why are Iggesund supporting the UTC?

"Engineers across multiple disciplines are critical to our success and it is certain that young people with the right skills and the right attitude will continue to be in strong demand here in West Cumbria.

The UTC ethos fits squarely with the demands of industry and provides a welcome additional talent stream that we look forward to both working with and benefiting from."

Mike Tinnion - Head of Engineering

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