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Application Form - September 2022

Please complete all fields within the online form in one session, (within 2 hours) and make sure that you tick the declaration box and submit the completed form to apply for a place at the Energy Coast UTC.

On submission you will receive a thank you message.

Alternatively, you can print out our Year 9/10 paper version or Year 12 paper version and apply via our postal address.

Date of Birth

Year Applying For

Home Address

Current School Details

Prefix - e.g: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Prof.

Children eligible for free school meals

Please read the following information carefully.

  • I confirm that I wish to apply for a place for my child at the UTC and that I have read and understand the admissions policy.
  • I understand that a place may be withdrawn if it is offered on the basis of misleading or fraudulent information
  • I understand the information given on this application will be shared with schools and other local authorities for school admission purposes
  • I certify that I am the person with parental responsibility for the child named in Section A and that all the information given is true and accurate at the time of submission.

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