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The UK Needs More Engineers


The UK Needs More Engineers

It is estimated that the UK needs 182,000 new engineers every year until 2022 to meet the demand for engineering skills needed to power our economy. The Energy Coast has a wealth of commercial organisations seeking to employ and train talented young people to meet this demand.

Whatever you are interested in there is sure to be some engineering involved. As an engineer there are a wide range of career pathways open to you including:


There are many other career pathways that engineering skills are useful for including Project Management and Commercial Law.

Sellafield remains the world’s most complex nuclear facility with a range of operations continuing there such as decommissioning, reprocessing and nuclear waste management and work continues to work towards nuclear new build in this part of the country. These opportunities mean that West Cumbria could enjoy £90billion of investment in energy related projects and nuclear decommissioning in the next 15 years, which could mean up to 3000 local jobs.

The UTC can help prepare young people for these opportunities. Of course it’s hoped that a number of students go on to use their UTC skills locally but at the same time the education they receive will help prepare them to pursue national or even international career opportunities not only in the energy sector but in other engineering or construction industries.


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